Kier Group share payroll load with MidlandHR

With a workforce spread across over 30 companies and over 50 locations, construction, development and service company, Kier Group, has gone live with a five-year hosted payroll service using MidlandHR’s complete web-based HR and payroll solution, iTrent.

Hosted payroll implementation forms the first phase of Kier’s HR and payroll system improvements.

MidlandHR will host the iTrent system from its secure data centre in Nottingham and will facilitate the timely payment of 6,500 of the Kier Group’s 11,000 people.

By adopting a hosted service Kier Group will pass on full responsibility for infrastructure, support, disaster recovery, maintenance, security, upgrades and more. By utilising iTrent as a hosted service, Kier Group will also reduce risks and carbon emissions.

iTrent payroll is designed to be as flexible and intuitive as possible by automating payroll processes and helping to minimise time-consuming administrative tasks.

Offering superior levels of flexibility including individual and group on-line payroll processing, iTrent payroll has the ability to re-run the process as many times as required.

The second phase, due towards the end of this year, will see the addition of manager self service functions, including authorisation and people manager.

iTrent will bring data alive for managers at Kier Group, delivering powerful graphical analysis regarding historical, current and future information and benchmark standards. This business intelligence, all at the click of a button, will help to manage the complexities of the HR function.

Steph Haines, HR Systems Manager Group Rewards at Kier Group said: “The group was determined there was a sound business case for an improved HR and payroll system to maximise efficiency through workflow and self service, and a need for excellent information on our main resource, our staff.

“Having shortlisted three software suppliers from a list of nine, MidlandHR was selected on account of excellent customer references as well as the flexibility and user friendliness of iTrent. Another factor was its ability to achieve comprehensive payroll process efficiency gains through complete integration with our HR data, thereby promoting seamless, end-to-end processing.”

Commenting on iTrent’s security capabilities, Lawrence Knowles, managing director of MidlandHR said: “Payroll and HR information is some of the most important information under a company’s control, which is why iTrent has the most comprehensive, flexible and robust security, gaining one of the most stringent security standards available. Having worked with Kier Group for almost two years now, we are delighted to be building upon this strong relationship and sharing the payroll load.”

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