Kineo and clients tell rapid e-learning’s real story

The rise of rapid e-learning was evident at this year’s Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London. But is it myth or reality? Kineo told the real story at its seminar, co-presenting with a key client to reveal to the packed crowd how rapid e-learning really delivers results.

Kineo has been delivering the benefits to its clients since launching its Rapid E-learning Service in 2006. The term has become firmly established in the UK marketplace, with many organisations now adding a Rapid offer. But this has created some confusion in the market as to what Rapid E-learning means and how it can deliver.  

Kineo’s seminar, “Rapid E-learning: The Real Story”, aimed to set the record straight. Speaking to a capacity crowd, Kineo Managing Partner Steve Rayson and Kineo client Mike Booth, Learning Technologies manager at Cable & Wireless, co-presented on how Rapid E-learning makes a difference through

  • Leveraging new tools and technologies

  • Cutting excessive paperwork out of the e-learning process and focusing on prototypes

  • Identifying sequences and patterns for re-use

  • Focusing on small multi-skilled teams.

Kineo’s Managing Partner Steve Rayson commented: “We came to Learning Technologies with a clear message: Rapid e-learning is a reality, it is delivering extremely cost-effective solutions for Kineo clients, at the speed that business demands, and with no compromise in quality. Today, Cable & Wireless told the audience about their experience with us as a Rapid e-learning partner. We’ve now delivered over 50 rapid e-learning modules for them, with a typical turnaround of five days. We’re proud to have them refer to us as members of their internal team delivering great results.

We’ve had a huge response at the show, with Jay Cross referring to us as the busiest stand at the exhibition. We look forward to partnering with new clients as a result of the show to deliver rapid benefits to them.”

The slides from the event are available here.

Kineo will be running further workshops on rapid e-learning in London at Covent Garden on February 13th and at their new offices at Sheffield Technology Parks on 21st February 2008.

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