Kineo and Ufi to advise public sector on e-learning

The pressures in the public sector to reduce costs, and address the skills agenda at the same time, bring new challenges for training. To address this, Kineo and Ufi will jointly present the benefits of rapid e-learning at a major public sector conference on Monday December 3rd.

Kineo, the providers of rapid e-learning, and Ufi, the company behind learndirect, the UK’s largest e-learning network, have been invited to run a session on Rapid E-learning at the Public Sector Skills Conference at the QEII Conference Centre, in London, on Monday, 3rd December.

Kineo and Ufi will be explaining the potential benefits of Rapid E-learning for the public sector including

  • How Rapid e-learning can cut cost of development

  • How Rapid protoyping techniques can streamline the development process

  • How web 2.0 tools can make updating and maintenance easier

Kineo will also make Rapid E-learning a reality by doing a live demonstration of a Rapid E-learning module build during the event.  

The Public Sector Skills Conference aims to equip delegates with the knowledge that will enable them to not only address basic skills deficiencies within the public sector, but also to improve all skills, through to higher education level. Delegates will be drawn from all areas of public service, including those with particular responsibility for HR training and development, diversity, CPD, succession planning, leadership, CSR, workforce planning, recruitment and related disciplines.

The conference has been prompted by the three-year deadline to improve the abilities of their entire workforce set for public sector employers by former CBI chief, Sir Digby Jones – who was appointed the Government’s first ‘Skills Envoy’ following the publication of the Leitch Review of Britain’s long-term skills needs.

According to Sir Digby: “You’ve got three years to start training. If you don’t do it, do it. If you do do it, do it better.”

Speaking ahead of the event, Steve Rayson, Kineo Managing Partner said: “There’s a challenge and opportunity for public sector to address the skills agenda. Many government departments we speak are under budget pressures, with budgets mainly consumed by mandatory training requirements before they can even get near skills development. That means they’re really looking to get more done for less.

“We and Ufi believe that rapid e-learning provides the key to cost-effective e-learning for skills development at scale, and we’re honoured to be invited to share our insights at this prestigious event.”

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