Kineo brings benefits of rapid e-learning to defence sector

All sectors are facing pressure to cut training budgets, innovate and improve efficiency. Defence is a prime example. At a recent MOD event, Kineo, providers in rapid e-learning demonstrated how rapid e-learning can deliver more for less.

The messages  from over 400 participants from across the armed forces at the Modern Learning Symposium 2007 (MLS 07), on HMS Sultan in Gosport, on 31 October, were clear. The defence sector is under pressure to improve efficiency in training. The defence sector review will bring further pressure.

There are drivers to reduce cost and deliver better value in training. At the same time, there’s an appetite for innovation, with many participants seeking to make the best use of web 2.0 tools and technologies. Can this be done, while driving down costs and accelerating timelines?

Steve Rayson, Kineo’s managing partner, addressed these issues head-on. In his presentation entitled ‘Rapid e-learning: tools and techniques’, he explained how rapid e-learning is different – and better – than traditional e-learning techniques.

He explained its potential to reduce cost, accelerate delivery and achieve high quality, engaging e-learning experiences.

Illustrating with several examples, he demonstrated the four techniques at the core of Kineo’s rapid approach.

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