Kineo explains to E-learning Network how to get more for less

Everyone’s looking for a way to reduce costs in e-learning. At a recent E-learning Network event, Kineo, the leader in rapid e-learning, was invited to share how it has helped its clients get more for less in e-learning by using new tools and innovations.

The E-learning Network is a long-established association focused on learning technologies in the UK. Its recent conference event was entitled ‘Free E-learning’, a clear indication of the growing interest in free and open source for e-learning. As the leader in Rapid E-learning and a highly regarded innovator in the use of new tools and technologies, Kineo was invited to speak at the event.

Kineo’s managing partner Steve Rayson shared several of the tools that Kineo has used to innovate and deliver e-learning at speed and at low cost to its clients.  These included:

  • Open source tools, such as Moodle, the open source learning management system

  • Freeware, such as Audacity, which can be used for creating and editing podcasts

  • Free hosted tools – such as Survey Monkey, which can be used to run extensive client surveys

  • Rather than simply discuss these tools, Rayson showed the audience several live examples of them in action as part of a rapid e-learning offering.

Speaking at the event, Rayson commented: “We believe that key to the effective use of free tools is innovation. That means being smart about how to effectively combine or mash-up tools to create new solutions. At Kineo we often integrate free tools with other commercial tools to develop sophisticated solutions.

“For example for one client we have integrated SurveyMonkey and embedded in rapid e-learning developed in Articulate, to get learner feedback and then present this back to them for their appraisal and development sessions. We’re proud to share our ideas with the e-learning community, and continue to innovate by harnessing free and low cost tools within rapid e-learning to our clients’ advantage.”

Kineo has developed a Moodle area featuring all of the tools mentioned this presentation. Find out more at the Kineo website.

Kineo will present its approach to rapid e-learning and new tools at Learning Technologies on 30-31 January at the Olympia in London.

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