Kineo to stir it up in live debate on rapid e-learning

Nothing has shaken up the e-learning industry and provoked debate as much as Rapid E-learning. Does it really work? Can it really make an impact?

Now Kineo will join a live debate of e-learning professionals to prove once and for all, that yes is theanswer.

As leaders in Rapid E-learning, Kineo has been an advocate and champion of a Rapid approach to E-learning development from the start.

This can’t be said of the whole of the e-learning industry though, with many providers still viewing Rapid E-learning as a threat to traditional models and a risk to quality.

Clearly it’s time for a proper debate on the subject.

The E-learning Network has decided to bring the two sides together for a live debate – and Kineo welcomes the opportunity to bring its experience and views to the table.

Entitled ‘Rapid E-learning: dumbing down or gearing up?’, the debate gathers together professionals from around the UK to address the points. Kineo’s Managing Partner Steve Rayson will speak at the event.

Steve commented:

“Since we started developing Rapid E-learning for our clients, over two years ago, we’ve courted controversy, with many providers arguing that the model can’t deliver effective results. We feel that the results speak for themselves – BP, Google, Marks and Spencer, Cable & Wireless and HSBC have all proven that you can deliver quality, at speed, and cost effectively, through their partnerships with us.”

“The e-learning industry has been stuck in a time-warp for too long, clinging to outdated theories and development models. We believe that our fresh approach to Rapid E-learning is a positive force for change. We’re proud to have clients of such a high calibre who agree with us, and we’re really looking forward to a good debate on the topic. Kineo literally means ‘to stir things up’, so bring it on!”

The debate is on May 23rd in Holborn in London.

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