KnowledgePool offers independent assessment and benchmarking in Strategic Learning Diagnostic service

KnowledgePool, the managed learning services company, has introduced a new ‘strategic learning diagnostic’ service, offering an independent and confidential assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation’s learning operation and a benchmark of the results against best practice.

Aimed at large organisations with complex learning operations, the information collection stage is undertaken on-site by a KnowledgePool learning strategist, over one or two days, depending on the complexity of the organisation.

KnowledgePool uses its proprietary continuous improvement model to collect information and benchmark the results against best practice, as defined by national training bodies, leading organisations and KnowledgePool’s own research.

Using key performance indicators, the model analyses the quantity, quality and total cost of learning as well as the overall efficiency and effectiveness of learning provision, including how well learning is transferred to the workplace; whether it is aligned to the organisation’s objectives; the administrative processes involved; the design and development of training; the management of third party suppliers and whether staff consider learning a worthwhile investment of their time.

“Our strategic learning diagnostic reveals the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s learning function,” said Kevin Lovell, Learning Strategy Director at KnowledgePool. “The diagnostic provides meaningful data, benchmarks it against best practice and makes recommendations of how and where the organisation can improve effectiveness, make cost reductions and increase learning’s overall strategic contribution.”

KnowledgePool provides an independent report which outlines the key performance indicators and details the recommended actions.

The company is currently undertaking strategic learning diagnostics as a basis for ensuring continuous improvement with all its managed learning service clients.

“Learning & Development teams are facing the significant challenge of trying to cut costs and at the same time improve their effectiveness,“ said Kevin Lovell. “This diagnostic helps an L&D team to benchmark their performance against national standards and gain an objective view of where they can make the greatest impact, and what a realistic target might look like.”

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