Lack of career development opportunities keep City workers on the lookout for new jobs

Four in 10 City workers are looking for a new job, a survey has revealed.

About 43% of the 242 City employees polled by recruitment consultants Robert Half Financial Services said they were actively looking to move firms.

Half of the respondents (52%) cited better career development potential as the main reason for job hunting and just 16% said a pay increase was their main motivation.

Neil Owen, branch manager of Robert Half Financial Services said: “Training, mentoring and leadership opportunities are important tools in keeping staff engaged and motivated, particularly when it comes to dealing with the younger generation. Employees want to feel like they make a difference and are appreciated by their superiors, otherwise they will look for career progression elsewhere. The onus is firmly on the employer to provide meaningful incentives.”

Workers in the financial services sector value work-life balance more than financial incentives, the survey showed.

The benefits most desired by City workers were found to be flexible working (26%), extra holiday (26%), gym facilities (23%) and the option of home working (21%).

Only 15% cited share options as a desirable benefit and just 13% said bonuses were a major incentive.’s+Square.html

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