Part time working

A part-time worker is a person who works fewer hours than the number of hours that full-time workers in the organisation are contracted to work. It often happens that an employee returning from maternity leave will ask her employer for a move from full-time working to part-time working to fit her working life around caring for her child.

Common part-time working arrangements include: working fewer days per week than full-time workers, for example three days per week; working fewer hours per day than full-time workers, for example four hours per day; and job-sharing, which is where two or more workers share one role.

Seven things employers need to know about flexible furlough

Late last week the government published the first full guidance on the new flexible furlough scheme coming into force on 1 July. What are the key details?

Employees on maternity leave can still access furlough after deadline

10 Jun 2020

Parents who are on statutory maternity and paternity leave due to return to work in the next few months will...

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Final day to furlough new employees

10 Jun 2020

Today is the last day employers can place employees on furlough who have so far not been on the government’s...

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Companies will not pay 20% of furlough costs until October

29 May 2020

Rishi Sunak has provided the first details of how businesses are to share the cost of furloughed workers, surprising many...

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Flexible working ‘nudge’ result in 30% uplift in job applications

29 May 2020

Recruiters that were prompted to consider flexible working when posting a job were 20% more likely to list flexible work...

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Furlough extended to October and part-time working allowed

12 May 2020

The furlough scheme has been extended to the end of October, but staff will be able to return to work...

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Government mulls part-time working for furloughed staff

11 May 2020

The government is considering allowing furloughed staff to return to work part time as part of a gradual ‘winding down’...

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Extend furlough and allow part-time work, say industry bodies

1 May 2020

Industry bodies are calling upon the government to ‘flex’ the furlough scheme as employers emerge from lockdown and make a...

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Reduced hours for furloughed staff would aid recovery

29 Apr 2020

Employers want more flexibility built into the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – including an extension until at least September and...

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Unpaid work means women underpaid by £126bn

9 Apr 2020

Unpaid work such as childcare, cooking and cleaning means the gender pay gap is much higher than official figures, according...

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April 2020 employment law changes: eight tasks for HR

6 Apr 2020

Each April, HR professionals must ensure that their organisation complies with the latest round of amended employment laws and deadlines....

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Met Police asks retired officers to return

27 Mar 2020

The Metropolitan Police Service is calling on retired officers to return to duty and urging those nearing retirement to stay...

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Chancellor’s financial support measures are insufficient, says CIPD

14 Mar 2020

Statutory sick pay needs to be significantly increased and eligibility extended if workers are to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus outbreak.

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Coronavirus: Support planned for self-isolators who don’t qualify for sick pay

6 Mar 2020

The government is drawing up plans to offer financial support to people who are self-isolating but who do not qualify...

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More than a million senior roles are now part time

26 Feb 2020

One in six management or senior-level roles is now worked part-time, according to research from flexible working consultancy Timewise.

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