Lack of chances costs chefs

than two-thirds of staff in the catering industry who seek new posts do so
because they feel they have no career opportunities, according to research by
contract catering staff providers Mayday Recruitment.

asked why they were leaving their current jobs, 52 per cent of the managers,
senior managers and head chefs questioned said there were no opportunities in
their company. A further 11 per cent moved because they were bored, and 7 per
cent were just unhappy.

Sunley, managing director of Mayday Recruitment, said, “With the exception of a
few who genuinely don’t have career opportunities with their employer, 70 per
cent of these leavers could have been retained.

is a strong case for ensuring sound review processes and development plans –
these people don’t know where they are going with their employer and so end up
going somewhere else.”

interviewed more than 4,000 catering staff for the survey.

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