Lack of consultation still regular practice

Nearly one in three UK workers (29%) are never consulted when major change occurs in their organisation, according to a survey by communications consultancy Talking People.


The findings come just a month after the introduction of the information and consultation directive.

The results contrast with current UK employees’ appetite for consultation, with as many as nine out of 10 (87%) saying they want to be informed and consulted, particularly on issues which could directly affect both them and their colleagues. Key findings include:

  • Exactly half (50%) of employees are sometimes consulted on major changes
  • Staff are more likely to be consulted when working for an organisation with less than 150 employees, with just over one in five employees (23%) always consulted
  • Just under one in five Londoners (19%) are likely to be consulted over changes in their organisation, with those in the rest of the south and Scotland saying they were consulted the least (12%).

Pollster YouGov carried out the survey for Talking People to gauge people’s perceptions of the new laws.

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