Information & consultation

Employers are obliged to inform and consult with employees in certain workplace scenarios. Under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004, an employer may be obliged to consult with its workforce on key matters that affect employment. If an employer receives a valid request from its employees it is required to enter into negotiations to establish a procedure for informing and consulting them.

Where an employer is making collective redundancies or is party to a TUPE transfer, either as the transferee or the transferor, it is required to inform and consult with “appropriate representatives” of the affected employees.

Acas: Redundancy related enquiries surge 160%

Conciliation service Acas has experienced a marked increase in calls to its helpline on the subject of redundancy during the...

Can remote redundancy conversations be sensitive and fair?

4 Aug 2020

With job losses continuing to hit the headlines, many employers are wrestling with the practical issues involving redundancy consultations, and...

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Furlough costs reach £32bn

29 Jul 2020

The value of claims paid from the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has reached £31.7bn, according to the latest data...

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Demotion during post-pandemic restructuring

24 Jul 2020

Demoting employees as part of a restructuring programme may offer a more favourable alternative to redundancies, but employers need to...

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Top 10 HR questions June 2020: flexible furlough and redundancy

2 Jul 2020

Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme include the introduction of flexible furlough and the gradual withdrawal of funding.

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Survivor’s guilt: supporting staff who have avoided redundancy

12 Jun 2020

With mass redundancies expected over the coming months, it’s easy to focus on supporting those losing their jobs. But ‘survivors’...

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What are the differences between British and French laws on collective redundancies?

What are the differences between British and French laws on collective redundancies?

10 Jun 2020

In the view of the global economic recession, international employers should know their legal responsibilities in different countries. Alain-Christian Monkam...

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Former Jamie’s Italian staff win pay out after redundancy consultation failure

4 Jun 2020

More than 60 former employees of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant group, which went into administration last year, have been...

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Eight steps to consider when changing your DC pension

12 May 2020

Changing the defined contribution (DC) pension scheme might be something organisations are considering in the context of furlough or simply...

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Coronavirus pushes redundancy up the agenda but there are complications

1 May 2020

Jonathan Maude looks at the risks and complications inherent in the redundancy process, which many businesses may not have considered

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Pensions Regulator relaxes enforcement of contribution reduction rules

16 Apr 2020

Employers’ obligations under the pensions automatic enrolment rules continue to apply, but the Pensions Regulator has made a number of...

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CBI: Confirm furlough extension or redundancies could be permanent

15 Apr 2020

Companies could be forced into a position where they have to make people permanently redundant if the government doesn’t confirm...

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Furlough: what the updated guidance clarifies, and what it doesn’t

6 Apr 2020

Employers may still have questions even after Rishi Sunak's clarification of the system's details.

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Six employment law cases that will shape 2020

14 Jan 2020

We look at six important employment law cases that will get the headlines in 2020, covering significant issues such as...

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How to stop your workforce going under when business is close to collapse

31 Oct 2019

With the recent collapse of Thomas Cook and other established companies in financial difficulty, such as Pizza Express and Links...

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