Lack of motivation is wasted chance

One more story to go and then you can claim your medal for completing the pensions marathon. Guru appreciates you must be ‘hitting the wall’ right about now, but be strong and we’ll get through this together.

Or rather, we may not. As much as Guru has utter faith in the selfless nature of our politicians, there isn’t much of a personal spur for them. For starters, there are four, possibly five, more years until the next election, and things do tend to suddenly go off the boil following an election.

Second, MPs get a pension worth up to 50,000 a year if they make it through two or three parliaments. And if there happens to be a shortfall, then there’s always the generosity of the British public, whose tax money can be swiftly used to fill the hole.

So maybe it is a lost cause. But never fear! Yours Truly has a solution. Do everything to excess. Eat, drink and be merry, and don’t stop for anyone. Not only will this mean we forget the impending retirement doom, there’s every likelihood you won’t live that long.

Just remember the following: every hour you spend wasted is never a wasted hour.

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