Lack of NHS services hinder return to work

Employers’ efforts to reduce the long-term absence of staff are being
hampered by lack of access to rehabilitation, claims research.

Delays in access to NHS physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services are
thwarting HR’s efforts to get staff back to work.

Eight out of 10 employers claim rehabilitation is being taken more seriously
as a way to cut staff absences, claims the joint research by IRS Employment
Review and Occupational Health Review.

However, lack of support from line managers and staff resistance are also
cited by many of the 160 organisations surveyed as barriers to rehabilitation

Study co-author Sarah Silcox said, "If these responses are an
indication of organisational policy trends across the UK, more staff could be
returning to their workplace. They will have a better chance of being offered
proper rehabilitation, but only if they work for the right firm."

Mental health problems and back injuries were blamed for the majority of
long-term absences.

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