Lack of pension provision could lead to strikes

disappointment and frustration of many UK employees over declining retirement
benefits is likely to boil over into strike action.

was the message of Trades Union Congress (TUC) general secretary Brendan Barber
in a speech at the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) conference last

said that workers perceived a “retreat from good pensions provision by too many
employers”, and that “when there is no will by the employer to save a scheme,
then unions are prepared to take action”.

speaking at the conference, Digby Jones, director general of the Confederation
of British Industry (CBI), rejected strike action as a solution. Rather, the
CBI favoured a co-operative approach, based on “a partnership between
employers, employees and the Government”.

also announced that the CBI pensions strategy group would publish guidelines to
help corporate efforts to save struggling schemes.

Michael Carty

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