Lack of trust and understanding prevails over flexible working

Four in 10 employees believe that their employer does not trust them to work from home, a survey has revealed.

Only 18% of workers believed they had a right to request flexible working, the study of 100 staff by business communications company Inter-Tel showed.

Most (82%) said that flexible working was a privilege, and almost 60% believed that flexible working requests from employees without children could have a negative impact on career prospects.

Duncan Miller, spokesman for Inter-Tel, said there was still a lack of understanding about flexible working.

“Clearly, there are still issues to be overcome, and an education process needs to take place so that everyone knows what their rights are and ways in which they can improve their work-life balance,” he said.

Miller said employers should be looking at ways to address the work-life balance of their staff.

More than two- thirds of respondents believed flexible working would improve their quality of life.


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