Land Rover updates image to improve staff diversity

The approach to recruitment at Land Rover is being transformed in the wake
of the firm’s sale to Ford last year.

The changes are being driven by the firm’s recruitment manager Graham
Thompsett and diversity manager Donya Urwin, who have the task of updating Land
Rover’s image as an employer.

Thompsett said the sale of Land Rover from Rover to BMW and finally to Ford
in the past three years meant the firm’s recruitment policies had lacked
direction and that they were determined to attract the best talent from across
the whole labour market.

Currently, 93 per cent of Land Rover’s 11,500- to 12,000-strong workforce
are male and only 9 per cent of staff are from ethnic minorities.

Urwin aims to establish a broader representation in the selection pool to
make sure Land Rover recruits the right people regardless of age, gender and
ethnic background.

"We need different people with different approaches to take our
business where we need to go. We want more women and people from different
ethnic groups to become part of the selection process," she said.

A work-life planning manager has also been appointed to promote flexible

Thompsett said Land Rover will be building closer links with universities as
part of its efforts to improve its image with graduates from all backgrounds.

A careers website is being developed which will be able to screen candidates
online and will also play a key role in promoting Land Rover as an employer.

The recruitment process itself is also being changed to include assessment
centres, where role-play, presentations and group and written exercises will be
used to ensure the right people are matched to jobs.

By Ben Willmott

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