Lauriate launches Team Sociomapping Programme Co-ordinator Certificate for HR

Lauriate, the Regional Distributor for Team Sociomapping in the UK, has launched a Team Sociomapping Programme Co-ordinator Certificate for internal HR officers, advisors and team leaders.

This certificate is focused on providing internal Team Sociomapping Programme Co-ordinators with the skills they need to partner with UK based Team Sociomapping Service Providers to generate best value through effective use of internal resources and externally facilitated Team Sociomapping services.

Partnering is an increasingly popular and effective way of delivering specialised services such as Team Coaching and Development. Team Sociomapping Workshops which are delivered by accredited Team Sociomapping Service Providers complement internally delivered individual and team development solutions by offering the team a fresh perspective which sits outside company politics and internal pressures.

This new training programme for internal Team Sociomapping Programme Co-ordinators supports the effective delivery of these services by ensuring that teams are appropriately prepared to engage in a Team Coaching or Development process.

When a client organisation has a qualified Team Sociomapping Programme Co-ordinator, this also ensures that organisations are prepared to implement complementary developmental processes effectively following the Team Sociomapping Workshop. A key benefit is the reduction of client dependence on external support for key elements of Team Sociomapping Programme management which can be managed in-house.

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