Law firm pulls in young blood via gameshow

A recruitment gameshow run by Eversheds in universities has significantly
increased the quality of applicants to the law firm.

Nine out of 10 undergraduates who apply to Eversheds to take up lawyer posts
do so because they have met a solicitor from the company through such
initiatives, explained Michael Hunting, Eversheds director of graduate

In the "Life as a Lawyer" gameshow, Eversheds lawyers role-play
workplace scenarios, such as sexual harassment situations, and ask the student
audience for their opinions.

Hunting said, "Students can see what life as a lawyer is really like,
and if they do not like it then they will not apply, which means that only
motivated students apply."

It also provides potential applicants with a taste of the company culture.
"The students can see that we are a fun firm which involves its employees
at all levels. They get to speak to a member of our staff and find out first
hand about the company’s culture," Hunting said.

Eversheds has 300 trainee lawyers and recruits 125 a year.

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