Learning for life: Stress

Long Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are the processes
by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve their practice.

are many ways to address CPD: formally, through attending courses, study days
and workshops; or informally, through private study and reflection. Reading
articles in professional journals is a good way of keeping up-to-date with what
is going on in the field of practice, but reflecting and identifying what you
have learnt is not always easy. These questions are designed to help you to
identify what you have learnt from studying the article. They will also help
you to clarify what you can apply to practice, what you did not understand and
what you need to explore further.

Two definitions of "burnout" are given in the text. These are dated:

1982 & 84
b) 1984 & 86
c) 1986 & 88
d) 1988 & 89

Mutomaa et al (1990) found certain factors as key issues in burnout. These are:

Psychological & physical aspects of an unsatisfactory work environment
b) Social & physical aspects of an unsatisfactory work environment
c) Social & psychological aspects of an unsatisfactory work environment
d) Social, psychological & physical aspects of an unsatisfactory work

As well as unsatisfactory relationships with patients, what environmental
aspects increase the risk of burnout?

Noise, heat and uncomfortable posture
b) Noise, heat and isolation
c) Noise, isolation and uncomfortable posture
d) Isolation, heat and uncomfortable posture

The Work Stress Inventory used which scale for identifying the amount of stress

b) Likert
c) Semantic differential
d) Visual analogue

The proportion of usable questionnaires returned was:

b) 48%
c) 58%
d) 68%

In scoring the Maslach inventory what indicated burnout?

Low score for emotional exhaustion and high score for depersonalisation and
personal accomplishment.
b) High score for emotional exhaustion and low score for depersonalisation
& personal accomplishment
c) Low score for emotional exhaustion and depersonalisation & high score on
personal accomplishment
d) High score for emotional exhaustion and depersonalisation & low score on
personal accomplishment

Whose status is lower in the eyes of the public according to Mandy 2000

b) Podiatrists
c) Nurses
d) Other healthcare professionals

Which theme did the Work Stress inventory identify as common to both
podiatrists and dentists?

Lack of colleagues
b) Lack of understanding of scope of practice
c) Lack of professional status
d) Lack of team work

For how long have the professions of podiatry and dentistry been completely

50 years
b) 75 years
c) 100 years
d) 150 years

How long had the podiatrists in this sample been qualified?

10 years
b) 5 years
c) 3 years
d) 1 year


It may be worth carrying out a literature search of burnout and finding other
definitions and comparing them. Discuss with your colleagues what you
understand burnout is and how closely it meets with these definitions. 2.
b); 3. a)
Write some notes about why noise, heat and uncomfortable posture
add to stress levels and burnout and add some ideas as to how the occupational
health professional can help improve the environment.4. b) Using a research
text book read further and familiarise yourself with the Likert scale. It may
also help to revise your knowledge of statistics.5. c) Carry out a
literature search for details on postal questionnaires and find out whether or
not a 58% return was good or bad and what influenced this result. 6. d); 7.
b); 8. a); 9. c); 10. c)

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