Learning is a Breeze for Unilever

Unilever, the international manufacturer of leading brands in food, home and personal care products, has chosen new software to drive an organisation-wide e-learning and internal communications project.

It will use the Macromedia Breeze software to create a range of content that can be shared across its disparate locations around the world.

Currently, most of the organisation’s training takes place in the classroom. Breeze will be used to develop and deploy courses and other learning materials that will help to broaden the adoption of e-learning and enrich the mix of blended learning options available across Unilever.

“Breeze has shown us a glimpse of the future,” said David Coleman, global learning manager for Unilever. “With creative use of Breeze technology, the classroom can become a knowledge factory for the internet, producing recorded nuggets that can be used in other learning formats like e-learning courses or reference materials.”

Unilever selected Breeze because of its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but also because it allows non-technical subject matter experts to deliver and deploy content quickly and conveniently.

The Breeze software has online training, marketing, sales and web conferencing capabilities. Breeze Live enables organisations to create interactive online classroom training broadcast live events such as Web casts and create virtual classrooms, while Breeze Presenter equips trainers with a range of developmental training tools.


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