Learning Skills Council recognises union

Learning Skills Council has signed a recognition agreement with the Public and
Commercial Services Union.

the agreement, the LSC, the organisation responsible for all post-16 education
and training in England, acknowledges PCS as the only recognised union across
all LSC sites, covering almost 5,000 employees.

LSC said the agreement reflects the desire of both parties to work together in
an environment of positive employee relations.

Russell, LSC director, Human Resources & Corporate Services said: "it
is a crucial time for the LSC. It was formed from over 72 different organisations
and we are in the process of harmonising all terms and conditions.

40 per cent of our employees are now PCS members and the council fully
appreciates the important role PCS can play and how vital this partnership is
to the organisation’s success."

Churchard, deputy general secretary PCS, added: "We welcome this formal
recognition. Trade unions have an important role to play in the workforce today
just as the LSC has in the promotion of learning."

By Quentin Reade



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