Leicestershire police first to display full names on uniforms despite safety fears

Police officers in Leicestershire have become the first to embroider their full names onto their uniforms, despite fears criminals could use the information to find out where they live.

The decision to display officers’ names on shirts, fleeces and fluorescent jackets is an attempt to improve “openness and accountability” in the force.

Inspector Ivan Odell, of the Leicestershire Police’s service improvement unit, told the Daily Mail: “This is about demonstrating the openness and accountability of all of our officers.

“The public expect all officers to be smart, but they also have a right to know who is dealing with them. They want to be dealt with by a name, not a number.”

The names will be displayed on all 2,300 uniformed officers.

But the idea has been criticised by some officers who are concerned about criminals being able to use their names to target their families.

One officer said: “There is some concern about the consequences of trouble makers being able to use the information to find out where certain officers live.”

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