Length of service a key factor in redundancies

of service, attendance records and competency are some of the most common
criteria organisations use to decide which staff they want to make redundant, a
survey reveals.

Employment Restructuring Survey of in-house lawyers and HR directors in 86 FTSE
500 companies shows a wide variation in how employees are selected for

fifth of employers will make their selections based upon length of service and
disciplinary record. However, 15 per cent of employers focus on attendance
records and 13 per cent on competency when considering redundancies.

role of the job and the particular objective of the redundancy are also
important considerations for some. In other cases employers simply look at
whether the employee will be suitable for the remaining work.

60 per cent of the companies surveyed made their redundancies in the last six
months. Nearly a quarter are planning more redundancies in the next six months.  www.tjg.co.uk

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