‘Lesbian single-mother Muslim day’ will replace Christmas, paramedic jokes

A paramedic who allegedly joked that Christmas was to be replaced by “lesbian single-mother Muslim day” is facing a misconduct hearing, the Telegraph has reported.

Karl Touhey, 40, made offensive comments about Muslims, obese people, homosexuals and women he found unattractive, while working for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust, a former colleague Edward Wiltshire has alleged.

Wiltshire also claimed Touhey routinely used the word n****r to refer to black people, the Health Professions Council in London heard yesterday (1 September).

In December 2006, it was claimed Touhey said: “Christmas is cancelled because it’s politically incorrect and is being replaced by lesbian single-mother Muslim day”.

Wiltshire told the hearing: “He’s got strong views and he never held back on expressing them. I found these things pretty offensive.”

Touhey is also said to have admired the hate group organisation Ku Klux Klan.

He allegedly said: “We should get the Ku Klux Klan in power as they would sort out the problem with immigrants. They’ve done a good job in the USA.”

Touhey has denied he made politically incorrect comments about minorities and argued he was fit to practise. He has since left the trust to work for a private medical company.

The hearing continues.

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