Lloyds TSB division funds call centre apprenticeship scheme

LloydsTSB asset finance division is funding a Modern Apprenticeships scheme for its call centre agents, which includes a Call Handling National Vocational Qualification.

The company said the scheme will enable contact centre staff to participate in an apprenticeship that gives them on-the-job contact centre experience, as well as career development, with a nationally recognised qualification.

About 120 agents at LloydsTSB asset finance are initially taking part in the programme, the assessment of which has been outsourced to Route One Solutions, a contact centre recruitment and training firm. The scheme uses software and voice recording technology from Witness Systems.

Mark Crocker, head of CRM operations at the company, said better trained, more motivated call centre staff results in higher customer satisfaction levels.

“Agents enrolled in the programme have found the Modern Apprenticeship helps them to deliver better customer service and more importantly, shows the division’s commitment to staff development and enhancing agents’ career path opportunities,” he said.


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