Above-inflation rises in commercial sector

Figures from Adecco’s annual salary survey show that office-based and commercial workers in the UK have continued to receive salary rises above inflation.

Across the sector, average salaries climbed by 7% compared with 4% last year. Top jobs for salary increases were administrators, people working in specialist accounts and receptionists.

The Adecco Salary Survey 2005 collects information on commercial positions from the firm’s branch network across the UK and Ireland. Salaries for various positions, such as secretary, administrator, office manager, accounts personnel and call centre operator are compared on a yearly basis, with the companies involved representing a cross-section of UK businesses.

The highest earners were administrators, with salaries continually rising, second place were specialist accountants with 6%, followed by receptionists with rises of 5%. Sales professionals saw salaries fall by 2% over the year. However, with average earnings above £25,000, it is still one of the highest salaries for commercial workers.

Richard Macmillan, Adecco’s managing director, said: “The economy in the UK continues to grow at a steady rate and pay levels seem to be reflecting this. For today’s businesses finding and retaining the right people is becoming ever more difficult and the increase in salaries reflects the need for companies to attract the right workers and pay them accordingly.”


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