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Stress now top cause of long-term sickness absence

5 Oct 2011

The impact of increasing job insecurity and mounting workloads on UK workers has been underlined in a report published today...

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Top 40 Power Players 2009

28 Sep 2009

Now in its ninth year, the Top 40 Power Players aims to recognise HR’s most prominent and influential professionals; those...

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Global HR series: North America

25 Aug 2009

In the first of Personnel Today‘s new Global HR series, looking at what UK HR professionals can learn from their...

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Mitigating the risks of tribunal claims after redundancy

4 Aug 2009

Thanks to the downturn, an increasing number of claims for unfair dismissal are being lodged at tribunal. What's more, awards against employers are rising in number and cost. How should employers deal with this? Ross Bentley reports.

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Gay rights vs religious ones under the Equality Bill

1 Jul 2009

It looks as if religious bodies will have very few options when it comes to refusing to employ gay men and women in non-core roles. Ross Bentley looks at how this clash of ideologies will play out.

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Calculating tribunal awards – how it’s done

29 May 2009

When money is the only remedy: Barely a day passes by without news of a massive tribunal award to a claimant. But how are these occasionally huge sums worked out?

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Talent management in the downturn

23 Mar 2009

Is talent management a new-fangled concept coined in the good times, or repackaged traditional HR ideas that remain as important as ever in the downturn?

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Social mobilty – workplace opportunities good for business

19 Mar 2009

Offering internships to young people from deprived backgrounds is not just about altruistically oiling the wheels of social mobility - it can bring unexpected benefits to your organisation and help upskill the workforce. Ross Bentley reports.

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Re-skilling in a recession: do the shuffle

9 Mar 2009

Should employers should try to re-skill staff rather than lay them off? Well, definitely – maybe.Should organisations ‘make’ or ‘buy’ talent?...

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Training venues: A little sporty number

18 Jan 2009

If you’re planning some outside-work training then sporting venues provide unusual and inspiring settings. We look at what eight have...

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2009 jobs outlook

14 Jan 2009

Despite the economic downturn, there are still opportunities for training and learning and development managers - as long as they have what it takes.

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Jobseekers create visual CVs but what are the legal risks?

11 Jan 2009

The way people are presenting their curriculum vitae – the universal passport to career opportunities – is changing as digital...

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Surviving the recession: Pick your advice package with care

14 Nov 2008

As more and more companies make lay-offs, HR departments may be tempted to use the legal advice packages on redundancy that are on the market. They should proceed with caution, writes Ross Bentley.

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Industrial relations: a winter of discontent?

24 Oct 2008

Should employers be on red alert to face strike action from discontented staff, or is it all just hot air? Ross Bentley finds out.

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Training venues: Deal or no deal?

17 Oct 2008

With budgets under pressure, any L&D manager looking to book a training venue will want good value for money. But...

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