London Eye introduces customer service course

The London Eye is aiming to reduce its staff absence rate by 20 per cent
through the introduction of a customer-service training course.

The company, which employs 350 staff, is hoping that the two-day training
course will reduce its annual staff turnover rate from 64 per cent to 45 per
cent over the next 12 months.

Julie Gallagher, head of HR of the London Eye, said the £40,000 a year course
uses focus groups, exercises and games to highlight key customer service
issues, including language skills, cultural awareness and how to make an
impression in 15 seconds.

Gallagher said, "In some operations staff turnover is as high as 80 per
cent. It is a major concern to us especially with the shrinking labour market
in London."

She hopes the improved customer service that the training course will
achieve will also encourage customers to come back for another visit.

"Staff attitudes can make or break customer visits, we tell our
employees that a positive attitude will lead to a more fun day for them and for
customers. We hope this will make customers come back in different roles, be it
in a corporate role or with the kids or for granny’s birthday."

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