Long hours affect women’s health

Women are being sapped both mentally and physically by the culture of working long hours, according to research by the London Chamber of Commerce’s Women In Business Group.

The survey found that nearly half believed that their physical health had been damaged by work, with 69 per cent citing long working hours at the cause.

A quarter of the 101 women surveyed claimed their mental health had also suffered from overwork and it had affected their relationship with their families.

Meanwhile, 60 per cent of women said their career was the major source of stress in their lives and 70 per cent expected stress levels to rise in the future.

Marilyn Roberts, chairwoman of the London Chamber’s Women in Business Group, said, “These findings should cause concern to firms as well as to individuals as many London firms employ highly-talented women, many of whom have significant commitments outside the office. If firms are to retain staff in a very tight labour market, they need to be flexible.”

By Helen Gilbert

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