BA says 1,000 Gatwick jobs to go

British Airways has announced plans to cut 1,000 jobs at Gatwick Airport over the next two years, as part of a major restructuring initiative.

The airline, which intends to reduce the number of destinations served by long haul flights at London’s second airport from 43 to 25, says the changes will result in a “phased reduction” of around 1,000 jobs, from its 63,000 strong workforce.

BA hopes the cuts, which are due to take place over the next two years, will be made through natural staff turnover, but will look at voluntary redundancy, early retirement or transfer and retraining, if this is not possible.

Speaking about the review Rod Eddington, British Airways’ chief executive said: “Gatwick is a key airport in our home market, and our activities there must operate on sound financial footing. Despite the very best efforts of our team there, this has not previously been possible to achieve.

“The steps we are announcing today should improve our group profitability and ensure British Airways has a long term viable future as Gatwick’s leading airline.”

By Helen Gilbert

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