Look abroad to beat UK skills shortage

professionals should consider looking overseas for top talent if they want to
beat skill shortages in the UK.

Newall, corporate HR director at Allied Domecq, the world’s second largest
spirits and wine company, believes companies need to "fish where the fish
are" and may need to look abroad for the right staff.

at the CBI’s International HR Exchange on employee development and career
planning, he told delegates that for most companies, the main restraints on
developing business is finding the right people rather than cashflow and

said that when Allied Domecq needed to grow, it advertised in Australia, which
has the second biggest number of wine experts after France.

said research shows that 90 per cent of companies are finding it more difficult
to attract talent than three years ago and only 7 per cent of employers say
they have the talent they need to pursue their business strategies.

told delegates that they should improve succession planning to ensure the next
generation of managers are ready to replace those that leave or retire.

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