Low Pay Commission team goes to Leicester to study impact of minimum wage

Members of the Low Pay Commission are visiting Leicester today on a fact-finding visit to find out about the impact of national minimum wage (NMW).

Paul Myners, chairman of the Guardian Media Group, Heather Wakefield, head of local government at Unison and Angie Risley, group HR director at Whitbread, will meet employers and workers to find out how the NMW has affected them.

The Low Pay Commission is a statutory body whose role is to advise the government on the NMW.

Myners said: “We want to hear the views of all groups with an interest in the minimum wage. Listening to those directly affected by the minimum wage is a crucial part of the commission’s work in making recommendations to the government.”

The NMW for those aged over 21 is £5.35 per hour. For those aged 18 to 21 or more than 21 but in the first six months of a new job with a new employer and receiving accredited training, the rate is £4.45 per hour. The minimum wage for 16 and 17 year olds is £3.30 an hour.

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