Low pay is top of British workers’ complaints

Over half of all workers are unhappy
with one or more aspects of their job, a new survey reveals.

The research, conducted by Alliance
& Leicester Business Banking, surveyed 1,100 Britons and also finds:

51 per
cent of private sector employees who are unhappy cite low pay as their biggest

28 per
cent of those dissatisfied are unhappy about long working hours

workers and women are the least satisfied with their pay.

20 per
cent of those unhappy at work say their working environment is a problem.

Gareth Williams, head of marketing
at Alliance & Leicester Business Banking, said: "Even though salaries
have been rising sharply over the past few years, levels of expectation have
been rising faster. Employers need to recognise that salary gripes are often a
reflection on other aspects of the job – such as long working hours or a lack
of tangible benefits."

By Quentin Reade

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