LU offers jobs for life on tube

London Underground has defended its decision to avoid further strike action
by offering staff "jobs for life".

The tube operator has promised there will be no compulsory redundancies when
the controversial PPP funding scheme comes into operation and staff are
transferred to private companies.

Furthermore, it has guaranteed that if a member of staff is displaced, at
least one alternative job offer will be made to them.

In return, the unions have agreed to cooperate on the introduction of
organisational change and new working arrangements.

However, Andy Bindon, head of partnership and employee relations at LU,
denied it was a jobs-for-life deal. He said, "We believe it’s a good deal
and provides further clarification and assurances to staff on a number of key
issues at a time when we’re going through key organisational change.

"It provides us with an excellent opportunity to move forward in a
renewed spirit of partnership with our trade union colleagues."

LU has also agreed to consult with unions over staffing levels, and promised
to protect the terms and conditions for any workers transferring to another
underground employer.

Bob Crow, RMT assistant general secretary, said, "By achieving legally
binding protection of conditions and jobs, we hope to ensure that experienced
and dedicated rail workers will wish to stay with London Underground."

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