Luton mobilises over job losses

least 3,000 workers at Vauxhall’s Luton plant went on strike last Thursday as
GM Europe and the European Works Council Manufacturing committee met in Zurich
to discuss plans for the Luton closure. Under discussion was whether GM Europe
breached European rules on employee consultation.

to Personnel Today, Bruce Warman, personnel director for Vauxhall, said,
"The outcome of the discussions were that there are no plans to move away
from our restructuring proposals. We are looking at developing a framework of
understanding on how to deal with issues like this."

added, "The unions are still looking at whether GM Europe has breached
rules on employee consultation but as I understand it, no legal action is being

strike by the Vauxhall workers was part of a European-wide protest by nearly
40,000 workers at GM Europe at the American car giant’s plan to cut thousands
of jobs.

has been no consultation between employees and management over these plans to
cease car production in Luton," said a spokesperson for the T&G union.

union is urging the British Government to sign up to the EU directive on
consultation and information so employees can be kept informed of management

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