MA Managing Change and Innovation for Global Markets, Oxford Brookes University

How long?
1 year part-time

Entry requiements
At least 3 years relevant work experience plus a postgraduate diploma from Oxford Brookes University or other approved institution or professional body.
The maximum credit awarded on admission will be 80 credits at M level.

This course is designed to enable you to become an effective manager of change and innovation. The aims of the course are: to develop sensitivity to the global business environment and its impact upon strategic decision making generally; to extend your knowledge and understanding of business planning and the relationship between general business planning and global markets; to help you manage people efffectively through changing business circumstances arising from innovation and change; to develop an ability to undertake rigorous and systematic management decison making; to encourage continuing personal and professsional development through research and consultancy activities which will increase self-confidence to manage others and influence organisation decision making. In addition the course aims to consolidate and deepen your prior learning or experience by enhancing critical awareness of change and innovation, and by developing more specialist knowledge and skills, particularly in research methods as applied in a business context. 

There are two compulsory modules: The Management of Innovation & Change; and Global Market Development.  In the summer you will complete your dissertation and reflective practice statement.

Career Opportunities
This course has been created for those who want to develop their understanding of the global business environment. It will prepare them in devising strategies to exploit the opportunities that globalisation brings and also focuses on developing appropriate HRM strategies and practice to support the systems and processes of change.

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