Magazines top list as valuable legal source

professionals believe that personnel and training magazines are the most
valuable sources of information on employment law, research by the CIPD finds.

Employment Law Survey 2002 is based on responses from 1,396 HR professionals in
the UK who were either directly interviewed or completed postal questionnaires.

than a third of respondents reveal that personnel and training magazines
provide their key source of legal information and 71 per cent report them as
one of the three most important ways of keeping up-to-date with legislative

20 per cent of those surveyed state that external legal specialists provide a
similar service, while just 5 per cent believe the CIPD and the Government are
valuable sources of information.

when it comes to developing legislation, most respondents do not get involved.
Only 14 per cent of respondents regularly reply to public consultations and
just 3 per cent directly speak to the Government.

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