Magic moments – the Employers’ Law Quiz 2008

It’s time for our annual quiz. So, if you think you know why Mr Hocus Pocus was sacked and if baldness truly is a disability, you’ll enjoy answering the questions below.

1 Why was Mr Hocus Pocus sacked from his day job at an insurance firm?

a) A colleague ended up in hospital when he attempted to saw her in half at the Christmas party

b) He made the petty cash ‘disappear’

c) He fell asleep at work after performing too many magic shows

d) He was seen by a colleague performing a magic show while signed off work with stress

2 A Monsignor dismissed for having an 18-year affair stunned the Catholic Church. How?

a) By renouncing God and working as a marriage guidance counsellor

b) By suing the Church for unfair dismissal

c) By claiming that his human right to ‘freedom of expression’ had been breached

d) By divorcing his wife and marrying his mistress

3 Why was a hairdressing salon ordered to pay compensation to hairdresser Bushra Noah?

a) She was criticised for giving a customer a bad haircut

b) She developed an allergy to hairspray

c) She was turned down at interview after she wore a headscarf

d) She was sacked for being too talkative with the customers

4 Why was the employment of Beryl Turner (named toilet attendant of the year in 2006) terminated?

a) She kept forgetting to put the toilet seats down

b) She got into a fight with Cheryl Cole, and her employer was unhappy about the bad publicity

c) She was rude and impatient

d) Her performance deteriorated when she came third at the ‘Toilet Attendant of the Year 2007’ awards

5 An employment tribunal held that what is not a disability?

a) Baldness

b) Depression

c) Broken bones

d) Dyslexia

6 “We’re looking for someone who can share a conversation. He’s not a heavy drinker, it’s the company he misses. He’s intelligent with physics and maths degrees.” What is this an advertisement for?

a) PA

b) Dog walker

c) Bodyguard

d) Someone to accompany an elderly father to the pub for a beer

7 A female bouncer at a gay club was awarded compensation after she was harassed. What was she accused of?

a) Being homosexual

b) Being heterosexual

c) Being female

d) Being a Christian

8 Which of these characters from children’s TV programme In The Night Garden sued for unfair dismissal, victimisation and discrimination?

a) Iggle Piggle

b) Makka Pakka

c) Upsy Daisy

d) A Tombliboo

9 What did an employment judge say to a witness in a tribunal hearing to cause an appeal against his judgement?

a) I don’t understand a word you just said

b) Can I buy you a drink after we’ve finished?

c) Good morning, how are you?

d) You look terrible – heavy night was it?

10 Following which reforms this year do points make prizes?

a) The immigration system, in which working visas are awarded on a points-based assessment

b) The ‘contributory fault’ rule, where Employment Judges now deduct compensation by a set amount for each example of conduct by a claimant that contributed to their dismissal

c) The new ‘parental leave plus’ rule, under which workers are awarded a point for each hour of overtime worked between 6pm and 6am. On reaching six points the worker may take a week’s additional parental leave.

Thanks to Rebecca Peedell and James Baker, solicitors, Macfarlanes

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