Majority of candidates exaggerate CV skills

two-thirds of people lie on their CV, claims research.

by the Job Channel reveals 64 per cent of adults who are currently employed,
but looking for a new  job, are willing
to invent information on their CVs to land a job.

are more likely to lie than women – 73 per cent of men admit to untruths compared
to only 56 per cent of women.

your salary is by far the most popular lie, with 47 per cent of men and 37 per
cent women admitting to inflating their salaries in a bid to increase their
income for their next job. Other popular exaggerations include qualifications
(27 per cent), length of service in a previous job (26 per cent), level of
experience (24 per cent) and hobbies (24 per cent).

study shows office workers seem to have the highest propensity to lie, closely
followed by students, manual workers, skilled trades and finally retail workers
(10 per cent).

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