Majority of UK staff have been bullied in the workplace

More than two-thirds of UK employees have been bullied at work, with women taking the brunt of bullying behaviour, a survey of more than 3,500 staff reveals.

The poll, carried out by online recruiter Monster, shows that 67% of respondents were bullied, 35% of whom were women and 32% men.

The same survey was carried out in a number of other European countries. Hungary came top of the list with the highest number of respondents (75%) claiming to have been bullied at work. 
The Netherlands stands out as the country with the safest work environment, with 73% of respondents claiming they had not dealt with any form of bullying.

Alan Townsend, chief operating officer at Monster UK and Ireland, said: “All companies should ensure they have clear policies and procedures for employees that are followed through by management.

“This can then prevent potentially dangerous outcomes such as poor workplace morale, lost productivity, litigation and health costs.” 

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