Managers admit to shortfall in experience

The Royal Mail does not have the senior management to overcome the business
challenges it is facing, according to a poll of its managers.

The troubled company is in the middle of shedding 30,000 jobs to return the
firm – which is losing more than £1m a day – back to profitability.

The survey of 700 managerial staff by the Communication Managers’
Association claims that the company’s managers believe it lacks the leadership
to tackle the industrial relations problems, the business restructure and the
increase in competition from private sector firms.

It also states that managers feel they have no control over decisions that
affect their day-to-day work. This was first raised as a criticism of the
company’s hierarchical culture in the original report into its industrial
relations by Lord Tom Sawyer in June 2001.

Managers also feel that they have no clear career progression.

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