Managers fail to get the best out of staff

UK businesses are being held back by managers who fail to get the best out of their staff, according to the latest Workers’ Index published by pollsters Mori and The Work Foundation think tank.

One in four employees (24%) say that they are not inspired by their bosses and more than a quarter (27%) say that senior managers fail to provide them with a clear vision.

Mori interviewed more than 1,000 adults of working age across Great Britain.

The situation has deteriorated since the first Workers’ Index in February this year. At that time two-thirds (66%) of employees said that their managers had a clear vision for the organisation, whereas now only 57% feel this way.

David Coats, associate director, policy at The Work Foundation said: “There are some hard messages here for many British managers. Big improvements in communication are needed if employers are to unlock the full potential of their staff.

“The underperformers must learn a simple lesson from world-class British businesses – there is no substitute for genuine employee involvement and engagement.”

Gideon Skinner, research director at Mori, said: “Managing day-to-day issues is just the beginning; staff also pick up on the vision – or lack of it – for their organisation set out by senior management.

“How likely are you to be enthusiastic about your company if your line manager can’t be?”

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