Managers must not leave us to ‘clear up mess’

Line managers must be trained in people management skills if HR is to have
the time and resources to become a strategic function, according to CIPD
vice-president Lesley James.

"HR must not be a crutch for managers – they cannot treat people badly
and then leave us to clear up the mess," she said.

"HR will only develop and drive the corporate agenda if line managers
deliver. We need to lead line managers to do things well. Tell people why they
exist, and companies’ goals and values."

James added that the CIPD’s chartered status will make the profession more
sought after, and that CEOs will take it more seriously and align HR with

She warned that this enhanced credibility would make it harder to gain CIPD

"The only way to make it to the top is to demonstrate that we add value
to the bottom. The only way to do this is to provide hard critical mass of

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