Managers name three challenges facing profession

Recruitment, retention and motivation are the biggest challenges facing the
HR profession, research claims.

The survey asked over 3,000 HR professionals which employment issues are
most important to their organisations.

Staff motivation is vital to 94 per cent of respondents, and a similar
number said recruitment and retention are important or critical – despite the
economic slowdown.

Most HR professionals believe that executives overlook the work of the
profession, despite it being crucial for business success.

Over 45 per cent of those surveyed claim that workplace communication is a
critical employment issue for HR. But the research shows that HR often
struggles to have a say among senior management and its inability to
communicate its own importance can adversely affect HR’s influence.

David Shepherd, managing editor of XpertHR, said, "The results show
just how far HR still has to go to prove itself and convince the board of its
worth within the wider business context.

"While recruitment and retention are important aspects and provide a
constant challenge for any business, it shows the magnitude of the task facing
the HR profession to get HR treated as an equal business partner."

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