Managers say e-HR will aid strategic role

nine out of 10 employers claim that the Internet and intranets will enable the
HR profession to assume more of a strategic role within organisations.

findings are part of a study of 45 employers spanning the private and public
sector, unveiled in this month’s IRS employment review.

believe that e-HR will give the profession a more strategic role due to the
reduction of routine bureaucracy. “Much of the day-to-day operations will not
require HR resources, freeing HR to work at a higher level,” reported one  respondent from Prudential. 

quality of information available to HR managers through the latest electronic
systems also helps HR professionals. Nottingham City Council notes that the
major advantage of e-HR is in the “quality and quantity” of the HR data.

study reveals that improving communications and reducing administration are the
driving forces behind the introduction of e-HR strategies. It finds that more
than half the employers found their e-HR systems to be “fairly effective” and
one-fifth of HR managers reported that their e-HR systems are “very effective”.

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