Managers would prefer home work option

The majority of UK middle managers would like to work from home but feel the
idea is frowned upon by senior staff.

Research finds only 12 per cent of staff are encouraged to take up
homeworking while 14 per cent believe their bosses are against it.

The study of 300 middle managers shows that although more than 84 per cent
of staff want to work from home, only 44 per cent believe it is an accepted
part of their organisation’s culture.

In fact, just over half (51 per cent) of respondents admit they would be
more productive working from home and 80 per cent said they would save time
currently wasted on commuting.

The research, carried out by home office supplier Henley, reveals 52 per
cent of staff work from home occasionally and 23 per cent at least once a week.

Fran Wilson, an adviser at the CIPD said homeworking has advantages if it
suits the individual and the needs of the business.

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