Marblewire Software announces release of Trellis 2008 Version 2.0

Marblewire Software today announced the release of Trellis 2008 version 2.0, its Windows-based training evaluation software program for learning and development professionals. 

With this release, Trellis 2008 adds significant new features that extend its’ capabilities and help organisations improve their training evaluation process.

“The release of Trellis 2008 Version 2.0 builds on the productivity features we delivered in the first release.   The new capabilities, especially evaluation form distribution by e-mail and reply processing, will provide valuable productivity gains for learning and development professionals” said Abdul Abass, founder of Marblewire Software.

Training Evaluation Form Distribution by E-mail and Reply Processing – Trellis 2008 now supports sending training evaluation forms to training delegates by e-mail and connects to Microsoft Outlook to collect and process replies.  This provides an easy and efficient way for users to distribute evaluation forms as well as process and report on training feedback from any number of delegates.

Multi-Project Reporting with Selectable Criteria – Users can now run feedback and benchmark reports for any number of training evaluation projects, using selection criteria,  from a single screen in Trellis 2008.  There is no longer the need to open a training evaluation project to run reports.  This makes it easy to run reports based on a selected training course, training provider, month etc, across training evaluation projects.

Update the Delegate listing using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets – Delegates can now be added to the Trellis 2008 delegate master list by creating the list in an Excel spreadsheet from scratch or perhaps by exporting contacts from the Outlook address book to Excel.  Once the list has been created and saved, it can be imported into Trellis 2008.  This avoids having to type and save each name individually in Trellis 2008. 

These new features combine to help learning and development professionals improve productivity and streamline the evaluation of their learning interventions.

Trellis 2008 runs on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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