Marr uncovers ‘HR nightmare’ at Westminster

Westminster is an “HR nightmare” according to the BBC’s political editor Andrew Marr.

With more bars than libraries, it could have been handcrafted to promote deviance, he told a 70-strong audience at this year’s first HR Directors Club Breakfast Briefing of 2005 at London’s Imperial War Museum.

“As a cauldron of mistrust and paranoia, [Westminster] is a typical example of a British office.

“Like many other [organisations], it is suffering major recruitment problems.

“Wannabe politicians face an unpredictable career, low pay, a miserable start – often as an opposition backbencher – and few chances of getting into cabinet.

“Even if they do, there is a good chance of getting kicked out. Add to that the risk of their private lives coming under intense public scrutiny, and a career in politics becomes increasingly unattractive to recruits,” Marr said.

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