Matrix scheme targets learning at work

new scheme designed to help employers give staff the right advice on learning
at work has been announced by Government.

week adult skills minister John Healey launched the Matrix Standard initiative
to help employers give staff more information and guidance on training.

ten-point framework is designed to help organisations upskill employees and
reduce the skills gap through improved learning advice.

department of education and skills is working with 28 employers and trade
unions on a workplace trial of the system. Healey said the new system will help
staff realise their full potential in the workplace.

are a business’s greatest asset and it’s important that their employers help
them. The matrix standard will give individuals confidence that when they are
making important decisions about their future they have the full picture of the
opportunities available to them."

can use the guidance on an informal basis or if businesses can demonstrate they
are operating at the required standard they will be eligible for government
accreditation from April.

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